Mairelys Alfonso's Portfolio



Going back, as far as childhood. Art always played a huge role in her life.
Being inspired and experimenting with different mediums of art throughout her life, She came across the one she could not let go of. That was the Art of Beauty.
The ability to enhance someone’s features or completely transform them was a fascinating idea.
She decided to follow her intuition and do what she knew was meant to be right for her.

A few years later she has already accomplished so much!

She has worked with some amazing Models, Stylists, photographers, videographers and Production.
A few are
Aries Lopez (EK Captures)
Ralph Raphael
Jason Bassett
Fred Love
Rimmel Cadogan
Natalie Melissa
Francoise Guillen
Chidi Onywjuruwa
Leroy Brown
Ashley Garner
Erin Tequila
Celina Eriksen
Katherine Eastman
Deanna Quintana
Sunamys Villalba
Courtney Cooper
Lilia Ermak
Nicole Marcos
Diana Gonzalez
Lynna Baculo
Ariana Lopez
Madelein Moor
Jaqueline Borelli-Chace
Jacked Fashion and many more.

Her work has been published and recognized on/by:
Glass Book Magazine
Slang Magazine
Raukus Magazine
Dark Beauty Magazine
Fashion Tv
Ballad Of Magazine
Vogue Italia.
**Also a Few more that are Being published soon!!***

This Makeup Artist is skilled.
Specializing in Beauty Editorials, Fashion Editorials,
Commercial Print, Film, Wedding’s, Quinceneras,
Special events and more.
To contact for bookings: